Weerts may be moving company soon

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Another large, long-time Winnebago employer may be re-locating soon.

“For sale” signs have been placed in front of buildings on Main Street that are owned by businessman Bob Weerts.

Weerts, owner and president of Weerts Companies, says he is selling all of his 11 commercial properties located within the city.

According to Weerts, he has been considering moving his office for Blue Valley Sod and Erosion Control Plus the past three months.

“I think the property taxes are going to get too high,” says Weerts. “The city keeps spending money like they have a lot of it.”

For now, Weerts plans to re-locate outside the city but doesn’t have a specific site.

“I’m selling first before I move. If I sell the shop and office I’ll have to leave right away,” he says.

Weerts also owns and operates the Shell Food Mart in Blue Earth. In total, his companies employ between 20 and 50 full- and part-time workers.

When asked whether he would move his businesses completely out of the area, Weerts says, “Not at this time, but you never know. I could move from here very easily.”

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