Appeal cost county more than $40,000

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A former deputy who appealed his termination cost Faribault County more than $40,000 in legal fees.

Now, county officials may be hoping that doesn’t happen again.

County auditor/treasurer John Thompson says the bill in Shane Dulac’s case, which went to arbitration, totaled $42,903 and was paid to employment attorney Susan Hansen of Minneapolis.

Commissioner John Roper and County Board chairman says they haven’t been notified whether Ryan Bromeland plans to appeal his firing on March 21 from the Veterans Services Office.

“We had with cause (to fire him),” says Roper. “I don’t believe he has a right to an appeal. As far as I am concerned the door is closed. It is no longer a story.”

Roper says Bromeland was still in his six-month probationary period which means he could be dismissed for any reason.

According to a news report, an investigation conducted by a detective of the Fairmont Police Department found Bromeland violated the following four county personnel policies:

  • offensive conduct, harassment, violence;
  • data practices and privacy;
  • firearms at work;
  • and, smoke-free environment.

Roper, who also serves on the Personnel Committee, says Bromeland’s situation may be a little more complicated because he is a veteran.

“Veterans have special rights when it comes to employment,” he says. “He has a lot of rights that we don’t have.”

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