Commissioners’ per diems top $16,000

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Twice a month a Faribault County commissioner goes on KBEW Radio to discuss what happened at their monthly meeting.

All five commissioners take advantage of the 20-minute public service program, which airs at 10:10 a.m. on the second and fourth Wednesday.

However, only three — Bill Groskreutz, Tom Loveall and Tom Warmka —- have sought payment by way of a per diem.

“It’s always been allowed, but only rarely taken,” says John Thompson, county auditor/treasurer. “Usually they have another meeting in town that day.”

While the amounts are small, it appears there is a cost for transparency and informing the public.

Last year, Loveall billed the county four times for $130, while Groskreutz was paid $50 for three shows and Warmka once for $10.

All commissioners also have been paid for attending city council and townships meetings held within their respective district; the amounts ranging from as low as $20 to as high as $80.

In addition to their 2016 annual salary of $19,343, commissioners were paid for any committee meetings they attend that pertain to county business.

Each commissioner was allowed to receive up to $40 for half a day and $80 for a full day.

Commissioner John Roper received the most in per diems last year with a total of $4,320, followed closely by Groskreutz with $4,170; Loveall, $3,190; Warmka, $2,920; and Greg Young, $1,830.

While the commissioners sought reimbursement on a timely basis, Loveall was paid $360 for December 2016 per diems last April.

At their last meeting in 2016, commissioners voted on Dec. 20 to increase their pay this year to $19,923.

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