Faribault County officials not talking


Faribault County commissioners remain silent, while the county attorney cautiously responds and cities data privacy issues.

Acting on a tip of nearly three weeks ago, Tripleanews.com has been trying to find out if an employee has been placed on paid leave or if a complaint has been filed against them.

All commissioners, except Bill Groskreutz, have ignored requests by e-mail or phone call for a comment.

Groskreutz would only say that all information must come from County Attorney Troy Timmerman.

At the direction of Timmerman, Central Services director Dawn Fellows released payroll information from April to the present for the employee in question.

The timecards show that the “pay date” section covering two-week periods was not filled in on two occasions and June 9 is the last “pay date” provided.

“I have retained those that I feel are not public data,” Timmerman wrote in an e-mail.

Being placed on leave with or without pay, says the county attorney, may be a form of discipline and therefore is not public information.

“I am not trying to hide anything,” Timmerman says.

As to whether a complaint exists, Timmerman says an attorney with the Minnesota Newspaper Association representing the Faribault County Register believes this information is public.

Timmerman will review an unpublished Court of Appeals opinion that Mark Anfinson says supports his view and plans to have a response this week.

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