Complaint filed against head of VSO

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Faribault County’s legal eagle has spoken, but he isn’t saying much.

County Attorney Troy Timmerman says a complaint has been filed against Dave Hanson, an officer and head of the county’s Veterans Service Office.

“There’s an investigation of the complaint,” he says. “That’s all I can say.”

Timmerman would not say who filed the complaint, when it was filed, who is conducting the investigation and when he expects it will be completed.

“It feels like you’re walking a tight rope,” he says. “There’s the public’s right to know but also the person’s privacy that’s protected under the Data Practices Act.”

Because there is a pending investigation, says Timmerman, whether Hanson is on leave with or without pay is not public information.

At the data request of, Central Services director Dawn Fellows released payroll information for Hanson covering the payroll period from April to the present.

The timecards show that the “pay date” section covering two-week periods was not filled in on two occasions and June 9 is the last “pay date” provided.

In an e-mail Timmerman wrote, “I have retained those that I feel are not public data.”

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