Amboy farmer suing commissioners

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An Amboy farmer says Faribault County commissioners have violated ditch drainage system laws. So, he’s taking them to court.

Charles Carlson has filed a civil suit against the county’s Ditch Authority, alleging the five commissioners have allowed unauthorized filling in or degradation to portions of Ditch 24.

“What they are going to do is flood me out,” he says. “They want to do anything they feel, even if it’s illegal to shove this through.”

Carlson wants a judge to force the commissioners to remove obstructions he says affect his ability to farm and enjoy the economic benefits of his land located in Winnebago City Township.

Over the past 20 years Carlson has sparred with the County Board on various issues, but it has gotten worse with passage of the buffer law.

Carlson says the commissioners approved work on a project to re-direct water without holding any hearings for affected landowners.

“This was the last straw,” he says. “I want them to stop work on the project and hold a hearing.”

Carlson says he and three other landowners on the lower end of the watershed are being adversely affected while two on the upper end are benefiting.

Even if the court rules in Carlson’s favor that may not end his dispute with the county.

“There will be a monetary suit coming,” he says.

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