Hanson to receive more than $36,000

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Faribault County will pay a Veterans Services Office (VSO) employee who recently resigned more than $36,000.

On Tuesday, commissioners approved a separation agreement with David Hanson, an officer and head of the VSO since 2010.

Under the five-page agreement, Hanson and county officials agree that his resignation is in “good standing.”

Hanson was employed with the county for 24 years, working in the Public Works Department before joining the VSO.

Although his resignation is effective Aug. 4, Hanson will receive wages totaling $8,724 for the time period of Aug. 7 through Sept. 23.

He also will be paid $18,696 for 600 hours of accrued paid time off; $6,000 in severance pay; and $3,116 for 100 hours of compensatory time.

In return, Hanson agrees not to file any lawsuits against the county, will release all claims and will not seek additional monetary damages.

County officials do not admit any wrongdoing or any violations of contract, policies, state and federal laws as well as local ordinances.

Hanson’s resignation apparently halts an investigation of a complaint filed against him.

County Attorney Troy Timmerman says an outside service was conducting the investigation and that it was never completed.Hanson signed the agreement on Aug. 31 and has 15 days to rescind it in writing.

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