Spending $6,000 gets taxpayers nothing

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Faribault County commissioners spent more than $6,000 and evidently will get nothing for it.

Investigation of a complaint filed against former Veterans Services Office employee David Hanson cost the county $6,334.

According to County Attorney Troy Timmerman, the investigation was halted when Hanson resigned and agreed to a separation agreement that paid him more than $36,000.

Timmerman wouldn’t say if the county will receive a partial report of findings from the firm it hired, Soldo Consulting, P.C., of Woodbury.

Michelle Soldo refused to comment on how many witnesses were interviewed or the number of hours her firm billed the county.

“I’m not able to tell you anything about the investigation,” says Soldo. “I’m not allowed to answer any questions you have.”

County Board chairman John Roper also is remaining silent and has not responded to the question on whether he feels the money was well spent.

Although Hanson’s resignation was effective Aug. 4, he received wages through Sept. 23 totaling $8,724.

He was paid $18,696 for 600 hours of accrued paid time off; $6,000 in severance pay; and $3,116 for 100 hours of compensatory time.

In return, Hanson agreed not to file any lawsuits against the county, to release all claims and not seek additional monetary damages.

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