Will investigation results be released?

Local News

Faribault County taxpayers may get a chance to see results of an investigation that cost $6,334.

Tripleanews.com has asked County Attorney Troy Timmerman to decide if partial findings involving a complaint against former Veterans Services Office head officer David Hanson can be made public.

Timmerman has not responded to Tripleanews.com’s request that was made more than three weeks ago.

In the past, Timmerman has said the investigation was stopped when Hanson resigned and agreed to a separation agreement that paid him more than $36,000.

Because Hanson submitted his resignation before the investigation was completed, Timmerman has implied that release of any findings is not necessary.

However, under the state’s Data Practices law:

“If a public official resigns or is terminated from employment while the complaint or charge is pending, all data relating to the complaint or charge are public, unless access to the data would jeopardize an active investigation or reveal confidential sources.”

In a county with a population of more than 5,000, a “public official” is defined as managers, chiefs, heads or directors of departments, divisions, bureaus, or boards, and any equivalent positions.

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