Complaint filed against part-time officer

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The Winnebago City Council went into closed-session Tuesday night to discuss a complaint filed against a police officer and possible disciplinary action.

Council members, Police Chief Eric Olson, officer Colton Ryg, City Administrator Chris Ziegler and City Attorney David Frundt met behind closed doors for nearly 40 minutes.

Frundt says documents were reviewed and discussed, but would not say who conducted investigation of the complaint.

“No action was taken,” says Frundt. “The council at this time will be scheduling a subsequent hearing on the matter.”

Olson says Ryg has been on the force part-time for eight months, starting his employment during Bago Fun Fest last June.

Ryg has hired an attorney and is expected to be attending a hearing that has been tentatively scheduled for Feb. 27.

Council members are anticipating the next closed-session to be lengthy and have set aside at least two hours.

“It will take at least an hour to read through the complaint and related documents,” Frundt says.

Under state law, only the existence and status of a complaint against an employee can be made public. Also, officials cannot give out information regarding the nature of the complaint.

If the council decides to take disciplinary measures, any specific reasons and data documenting the basis for the action must be released.

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