Ziegler moves, remains working for city

Local News

Despite any rumors you may have heard, Winnebago’s city administrator is staying put.

At least, job-wise.

Last fall, Chris Ziegler and his family moved to a farm near Easton, where he grew up.

The Century Farm was homesteaded by his great-great-grandfather after returning from service in the Civil War.

“I am the fifth generation to live there and my children are the sixth generation,” says Ziegler. “That is pretty special to me.”

For Ziegler and his wife Barb, leaving Winnebago and putting their home up for sale was a difficult decision to make.

“It is sad to leave, especially the house that Barb grew up in,” he says. “But, it was the right thing for us to do.”

Ziegler began working with the city as deputy clerk prior to being hired as city administrator in December 2012.

“I’m still committed to Winnebago in a lot of ways, so it’s not like I’m cutting off all contact or anything,” he says.

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