Winnebago part-time officer resigns

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Winnebago and Elmore have one less part-time police officer on the force.

“He resigned so we wouldn’t have to take action on the complaint against him,” says David Frundt, who serves as city attorney for both cities.

City Council members in each city accepted the resignation of Colton Ryg during their regular meeting this month.

In Winnebago, Ryg’s last day with the department was effective April 21.

“He’s also agreed to drop any claims he may have had against the city,” Frundt says.

Ryg’s departure ends a saga that began nearly three months ago.

In February, Winnebago council members became aware of the complaint and held two closed-sessions to discuss the matter.

Ryg had been with the Winnebago Police Department for nearly a year and was still on probationary status in Elmore.

On Dec. 18, 2017, Elmore Police Chief Steve Linde filed a complaint against Ryg after receiving a report from Albert Lea police regarding an incident at a hairstyling business.

Ryg reportedly had a verbal confrontation with the owner over the firing of his girlfriend.

No criminal charges were ever filed against Ryg, however, Linde says he did violate at least three policy principles.

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