Council reviews investigation report

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An investigation into alleged misconduct by a Blue Earth police officer has been completed.

City Council members held a special meeting Monday afternoon in closed-session to discuss the lengthy and detailed report.

And, when the meeting was re-opened to the public they took no action.

“The council reviewed the report for approximately one hour,” says City Administrator Tim Ibisch. “It is 42 pages long and will remain sealed until the process is complete.”

Last month, the Twin Cities area law firm of Everett & VanderWiel was hired to investigate a complaint filed against officer Chad Bonin last November.

Council members placed Bonin on paid administrative leave on Dec. 6 after meeting behind closed doors to discuss the matter.

The investigation report is expected to be an agenda item at the next council meeting to be held on Feb. 4.

If the council decides not to any disciplinary action, then none of the report’s findings will be made public.

Bonin has been with the police department since March 12, 2012, and is currently earning an annual salary of $60,765,

This isn’t the first time Bonin has faced a complaint involving alleged misconduct allegations.

In 2014, he was accused of four counts of police officer misconduct, however, an investigation substantiated just two of the charges. As a result, he served three days of suspension without pay.

In one violation, the veteran officer violated police department policy while he was off-duty and rode in a car where alcohol was being consumed.

The other violation involved Bonin failing to report an accident involving his squad car in a timely manner.

The accident reportedly involved his parked vehicle being hit by a car driven by an acquaintance of his and was not reported for two days.

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