Resignation letter not public data

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One of the first orders of business facing Blue Earth Area School District’s newly-hired superintendent may be a resignation letter.

At the request of, attorneys for the School District have released the heavily redacted letter.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Jerry Jensen sought legal advice to determine what information could be made public.

Citing the state’s Data Practices Act, the district’s attorneys say most of the letter’s contents are considered private personnel data.

Only the first and last paragraphs as well as the teacher’s signature and titles were not blacked out.

“With this letter, I hereby submit my resignation from the Blue Earth Area School District, effective June 7, 2019,” the teacher wrote. “At your convenience, I will be glad to discuss my resignation and the reassignment of my work to others.” has learned the letter was critical of School District administration, however, the teacher who wished to remain anonymous would not confirm nor deny the alleged accusation.

“I have never enjoyed being the center of attention and would prefer to leave my position peacefully in order to obtain another elsewhere,” the teacher says in an e-mail.

The teacher adds, “I would prefer not to be the source that turns into the latest news.”

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