Two interviewed for Bago vacancy

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Winnebago City Council got a brief update on the search for a new city administrator at their meeting Tuesday night.

City Council member Rick Johnson says a five-member committee interviewed two finalists last Friday.

“There’s no big update yet,” says Johnson. “But, it’s not at a standstill.”

Besides Johnson, other members of the search team include council member Jean Anderson; Jessi Sturtz, deputy city clerk; and residents Bob Grant and Amy Fenger.

Although the names of finalists can be made public under the state Data Practices Law, Johnson and Anderson were reluctant to do so.

Following the resignation of Chris Ziegler last February, city officials sought help from Wendell Sande of South Central Service Cooperative to find a replacement.

Sande says the city received a total of six applications for the position and hope to have someone hired by the first part of July.

At the request of, Sande identified the finalists as Brad Potter of Mankato and Jacob Skluzacek of Lonsdale.

Resumes provided by Sande show a clear contrast in the candidates experience in working with governmental entities.

Potter is the owner of CommunityFix, a company that works with local governments, citizens and non-profits to solve pertinent local issues.

He describes himself as a results-oriented individual, “offering 20 years experience in public administration, city planning, community and economic development, and financial management.”

Skluzacek graduated from Winona State University on May 10, 2019, with a bachelor of science degree in public administration and bachelor of arts in political science.

While attending college, Skluzacek was a city administration intern in Winona from January 2019 to May 2019.

Skluzacek writes in his resume that he’s a motivated college graduate seeking a career in public works and administration.

“Interested in learning how to better serve the citizens of Minnesota, while at the same time gaining the skills and experience which are necessary in this profession,” says Skluzacek.

For now, administrative duties are being handled by Sturtz, part-time assistant Deputy Clerk Judy Staloch and Police Chief Eric Olson, with Sturtz being in charge of the office at City Hall.

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