Nearly $94,000 spent on squad cars

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The Faribault County Sheriff’s Department in the past year has had six vehicles damaged in accidents, however, six replacements have been added.

On Tuesday, county commissioners approved a request by Sheriff Mike Gormley and Chief Deputy Scott Adams to spend nearly $94,000 to buy three vehicles.

Two pickup trucks totaling $59,350 will be purchased from Hawkins Chevrolet in Fairmont and a 2020 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor SUV from Fairmont Ford for $34,385.

This year, the Sheriff’s Department budgeted $98,500 for replacement squad cars.

Adams says three vehicles sustained about $51,000 in damages during a high-speed chase involving a stolen car in November 2018 near Elmore.

He says two other squad cars have been struck by deer and another was backed into.

“One misconception is that we are self-insured,” he says. “That is not the case. We are covered by an insurance company, just like the public sector.”

During the chase speeds reached 90 mph prior to the driver going into a bean field, says Adams, and 60 mph before he was cornered and apprehended.

Adams says he doesn’t think the department needs look at making any changes when conducting a pursuit.

“Our policies fit within state statutes and with the Minnesota POST Board rules. So, I am not sure what we would re-evaluate,” he adds.

Shortly after the high-speed chase the County Board approved buying three vehicles, but Adams at that time said it had nothing to do with the vehicles that were damaged.

Rather, the Sheriff’s Department was able to save more than $8,000 on each vehicle that were already included in the 2019 budget.

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