Dixie Carbonic — staying or leaving?

Local News

City leaders may be wondering what the future holds for one of Winnebago’s largest employers.

When Corn Plus closed its doors last August and went into what company officials called a “cold idle,” there was question what impact that would have on Continental (Dixie) Carbonic Products Inc.

“I have not heard they are leaving. They moved one line to another location, but that’s all I have heard,” says Mayor Jeremiah Schutt.

Tripleanews.com has learned that the company’s mail is being forwarded to its main headquarters in Decatur, IL.

City Administration Jake Skluzacek says he doesn’t have any information regarding the company’s status in Winnebago.

“I have tried to set up a meeting with the manager over there, but he has never gotten back to us,” says Skluzacek.

Dixie Carbonic used carbon dioxide gas, a by-product from Corn Plus, to produce dry ice and employed as many as 40 workers.

According to the company’s website, the facility in Winnebago was one of 50 plants located in the U.S. and Canada where dry ice in cut block and pellet form is produced.

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