Report done, findings to be released

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Faribault County’s sheriff cannot release information on an investigation involving a current jailer.

“I’ve been instructed to tell you that you’ll need to contact the county attorney,” says Sheriff Mike Gormley. has submitted a Data Request form to County Attorney Kathryn Karjala.

“Due to the holiday, I will likely not get to processing this request until next week,” says Karjala.

Gormley would not say how many pages the report contained or who conducted the investigation.

Authorities in the past have asked outside law enforcement agencies to look into complaints of possible employee misconduct.

Sunken has not been placed on administrative leave, says Gormley, and is still listed as an employee according to the department’s website.

In June, contacted the Sheriff’s Department regarding jailer Tara Sunken, who was mentioned during investigation of an assault involving a Blue Earth Area football player.

Chief Deputy Scott Adams at that time asked the county attorney’s office for information to launch an investigation which began in early September and was just completed this month.

Sunken was named in a court document used during a restitution hearing for a co-defendant convicted in the October 2017 assault in Winnebago.

Mother of a defendant texted her husband, court papers say, and told him that Sunken warned a co-defendant’s mother that the cops were going to get a warrant for his cell phone that reportedly contained a video of the beating.

The phone was lost when the parents and their son took a weekend trip to Iowa to watch a college football game, according to a court document.

Also, the victim’s father says his son told authorities that he and another teen charged in the assault went to Sunken’s home to get alcohol to take back to a house party.

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