Wells plant shutdown due to COVID-19

Local News

The coronavirus has temporarily shutdown a Wells company that employs more than 150 people.

According to a press release, Wells Concrete officials became aware Thursday that an employee’s family member had tested positive earlier this week for the COVID-19 virus.

The employee reportedly did not immediately tell company officials about the positive test and continued to work in the production areas of the plant.

“The company decided to close the operation yesterday morning (Thursday). It is currently being cleaned and disinfected by an environmental company,” says Mark Del Vecchio, vice president of human resources.

Del Vecchio says a small yard crew was assembled with appropriate precautions to allow loading and shipping of product to two job sites.

By doing so, he says the company was able to avoid temporarily furloughing the field crews.

“The facility has approximately 155 employees and we anticipate to be at full operation by Monday,” says Del Vecchio.

All employees are being encouraged to be tested, says Del Vecchio, if they’re concerned about exposure to the virus.

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