Did officer use “chokehold” during recent arrest?


A friend of a Winnebago man says a local police officer used “excessive force” when he was arrested after being stopped for a traffic violation.

“I am appalled. He used a chokehold,” says the friend. “Something needs to happen and I want it done right now.

The friend is referring to a 16-second video that shows police officer Jacob Pettit putting an arm around Andrew Holm’s neck to take him to the ground.

Tripleanews.com asked Police Chief Eric Olson whether officers in his department are allowed to use a chokehold or any other contact near the neck area to subdue a person.

His one-word response, “No.”

The friend says she has sent a copy of the video to Mayor Jeremiah Schutt and hopes he will look into the matter.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, the city of Minneapolis has banned the use of chokeholds by police.

According to a court complaint, an officer saw Holm driving a vehicle on the afternoon of May 6 and knew that he did not have a license.

The officer reportedly initiated a traffic stop as Holm pulled into his mother’s driveway.

He ignored the officer’s commands and headed into the house.

Holm came back outside but resisted arrest as his mother screamed at the officer and other officers who arrived at the scene, according to court documents.

Holm reportedly grabbed at a deputy’s duty belt and took his keys. A stun gun was used to subdue him, according to court papers, and an officer injured his knuckles during the scuffle.

Court documents say that Holm spit in officer’s face while he as being taken to a squad car and while en route to jail he told the officer he would not forget the officer’s name.

Holm reportedly continued to be combative at the jail and threatened to assault staff. He told jail staff he had used methamphetamine and marijuana.

Holm was charged with felony and gross misdemeanor counts of assaulting a police officer, gross misdemeanor driving after license cancellation, gross misdemeanor obstructing the legal process and misdemeanor fleeing police on foot.

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