Canadian company plans to re-open Corn Plus

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The largest ethanol producer in Canada has purchased the Corn Plus facility in Winnebago.

Andrea Kent, vice president of government and public relations for Greenfield Global, says a “start-up” plan to re-open the plant shuttered since September 2019 is in development.

“After several months of due diligence, we concluded that the Corn Plus facility offers a great opportunity and promise for the future,” she says. “The dedicated workforce and abundant corn supply were key factors.”

With headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Greenfield Global owns and operates four fuel distilleries, five specialty chemical and packaging plants, and two “next-generation” biofuel and renewable energy research and development centers.

Repairs and improvements to the 26-year-old facility, says Kent, will likely begin next Spring.

“We are confident that we will be able to restart operations and complete improvements,” she says. “Our goal for the plant is for it to perform as a top facility.”

At the time of its closing, Corn Plus produced 49 million gallons of ethanol annually and employed about 40 people.

Company officials are expected to announce next year when production of ethanol will begin and applications for employment will be accepted.

“We look forward to re-establishing a market for corn growers and working closing with the community to bring jobs back to Winnebago,” says Kent.

For more than 30 years, Greenfield has partnered with companies serving customers worldwide in manufacturing, cosmetics, food and flavoring, life sciences and pharmaceuticals, beverage and distilled spirits, and renewable energy.

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