Bar owner guilty of violating ordinance

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A Winnebago bar owner has been convicted of violating a city ordinance that regulates liquor sales.

Faribault County Judge Troy Timmerman found David Marvin Schuster, 58, owner of Schooter’s Bar guilty of the petty misdemeanor charge following a bench trial last Friday.

Schuster was initially charged with misdemeanor violating an emergency powers order when an officer saw him and three friends inside the bar the evening of Sunday, March 22, 2020. Gov. Tim Walz had earlier issued an order closing bars due to the COVID pandemic.

The court complaint was later amended to add a new charge of hours and days of sale. The Faribault County Attorney’s Office dismissed the “executive order” charge last week but chose to have Schuster tried for violating the city’s liquor sales ordinance.

Timmerman ruled because Schuster did not have a city license for Sunday liquor sales, he was not allowed to have anyone in his bar on that Sunday.

Schuster says he plans to contact his attorney to file an appeal of Timmerman’s decision.

“I have every right to be open, I believe, because I also have a food license,” says Schuster. “I can serve food if I chose to, as long as I don’t sell liquor or display it for sale. I have every right in the world to use the building for more than one thing.”

According to the initial court complaint, the doors to the bar were locked and the officer spotted the men through a window.

Schuster said in documents filed by his attorney that the bar was closed to the public as ordered and that he was hosting a private card game.

According to the case file records, Schuster was sentenced to pay a fine and court fees totaling $110.

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