County jail employee facing charge

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A Faribault County part-time jailer is currently facing a felony theft charge.

Trisha Lynn Westphal, 33, of Winnebago was hired last October after being interviewed by the county’s central services/human resources director, jail administrator and assistant jail administrator.

“She sat and observed for two shifts,” says Chief Deputy Scott Adams. “She hasn’t trained since mid-November.”

Adams says all job applicants seeking employment with the county sign a waiver to conduct a background check involving criminal history, driving record, past employment and a five-county in-house computer check.

“In October, there was not an employee that was criminally charged,” he says. “Anytime we do a background check you can only rely on the information you are given or find.”

Adams says former employers when contacted generally do not say why someone is no longer an employee.

Westphal, a former North Mankato FedEx employee, was charged in Nicollet County District Court on Nov. 12.

A court complaint says a seller of an autographed Kyler Murray football card worth $5,000 reported using FedEx to send it to the buyer last summer. But, an empty package was delivered to the person.

The card reportedly was found for sale, according to the complaint, at a sports card retailer located in the Twin Cities.

A North Mankato police officer was able to find the man who sold the card to the store and was told that Westphal gave it to him.

The complaint says Westphal gave three different stories on how she got the card. She first claimed someone gave it to her, that she found it at a gas station parking lot and found it in the FedEx lobby.

Last month, Westphal requested a speedy trial and a pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for April 5.

“I would say she is still employed. We are aware of her legal situation and are waiting for it to be resolved,” says Adams.

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