Probe involves allege officer misconduct

Local News

Winnebago City Council went into closed-session during Wednesday night’s meeting to address allege misconduct by a police officer.

“I can’t discuss anything, any information will have to come from City Attorney David Frundt,” says Police Chief Eric Olson.

Frundt did not attend the meeting because he is on vacation.

During the council’s discussion behind closed doors, Olson handed out results of an investigation conducted by the Fairmont Police Department.

After the meeting was re-opened to the public, Councilman Calvin Howard made motion to accept findings of the investigation. And, it was passed unanimously.

“There was no wrongdoing found,” says Mayor Scott Robertson. “There are no other decisions that have to be made.”

Because the allegation of misconduct was not substantiated and no disciplinary action was taken, results of the investigation, nature of the complaint and identity of the officer is not made public.

Currently, the police department has three full-time officers and six who are on the part-time roster.

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