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While United Hospital District (UHD) ponders the future of its clinic in Winnebago, some city leaders aren’t waiting to see what happens.

“We have been talking with UHD and I’m tired of this,” says businessman Bob Weerts. “I’ve brought a doctor to town before, and I can do it again.”

Weerts was referring to Dr. Terry Cahill, a UHD family practice physician, who opened a clinic on the corner of Cleveland Avenue West and Main Street.

The clinic, which was later sold to UHD, was closed in 2020 shortly after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Later that year, Weerts and Mayor Scott Robertson began discussing how they could bring a doctor to town.

Efforts in recruiting a physician, according to Weerts, has been a long process and is progressing well.

“I’m planning to bring a doctor to town hopefully soon and possibly other medical services,” he says.

Robertson says the city’s economic development specialist Angie Stier, business leaders and other interested parties meet monthly to discuss health care needs.

“There’s a lot of elderly people living in town. They and others shouldn’t have to go out of town to get medical care and medication,” he says.

Weerts says UHD officials believe costly repairs are needed before the clinic could be reopened. So, the group has found other possible sites.

“We’ve got a little ways to go,” says Robertson. “We’re not giving up and are going to continue chasing this.”

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