Carlson pays fine, facing another suit

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After paying the state more than $11,000, the financial woes for the owner of Carlson Event Center in Winnebago may not be over.

John Stiles of the state’s Attorney General’s Office says Garth Carlson has paid a fine for violating an “executive order” prohibiting social indoor gathering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to court records, a judgment was issued against Veteran Enterprises, Ltd., and Carlson on Aug. 9, 2021, for $10,892. With interest and fees, the civil penalty ended up totaling $11,157.

Last February, assistant Attorney General Noah Lewellen notified court officials that Carlson has paid the fine in full.

Veteran Enterprises, Ltd., is now being sued by Acuity Insurance, court documents say, for not paying premiums on two policies.

The Wisconsin-based company canceled the two policies in May 2021 because Carlson reportedly owed $35,738.

Court records show with fees, court costs and interest, Carlson now owes $37,648 and a judgment for the amount was issued last March.

The next court hearing in the case will be held remotely and is scheduled for Aug. 3 before Judge Troy Timmerman.

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