UHD has less profit, high salaries

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Committed to care. Committed to you.

The advertising slogan is United Hospital District’s (UHD) pledge to provide area residents with quality health care services.

According to the non-profit’s 2020 tax return, UHD pays its doctors and administrators well to achieve its mission.

In its 990 tax form for organizations exempt from paying income tax, UHD lists the base salary, bonus, retirement/deferred compensation and non-taxable benefits for its nine highest paid employees.

Surgeon Alex Wong was the health care provider’s highest paid employee, earning a base salary of $557,854. In addition, he was paid a bonus of $102; $14,250 in retirement and deferred compensation; and $31,183 non-taxable benefits for a total of $603,389.

Other employees:

             Base salary/ Bonus/retirement-deferred comp/ non-taxable benefits/total


Gran       $472,626      $102              $14,000                        $14,796            $501,524


Bob Karp  $368,135   $28,920          $14,250                        $33,053            $444,358



Montanaro  $379,567    $102              $14,250                     $24,556             $418,475



Johnson      $266,554    $102                                               $26,966             $293,622



Klunder      $243,751     $102          $12,681                        $31,336             $287,870


Richard Ash  $243,205     $102          $12,343                      $31,655            $287,305

(Chief Executive Officer)

Mary Trites    $225,889     $102          $11,250                       $10,375           $247,616


Patrick Justin  $149,944    $101         $7,625                         $11,725           $169,395

(Chief Financial Officer)

In all, UHD reports payments of other salaries and wages totaling $14.068 million and employee benefits of $2.923 million.

Revenue from services in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic was down about $5.6 million from the $38.638 million posted in 2019.

However, contributions and grants brought total revenue to $37.093 million, a decrease from the $39.005 million the year before.

Although expenses of $36.110 million were about the same as 2019, UHD had a profit of $983,241. That compares to the previous year of $2.127 million.

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