B.E. goes to court for “nuisance” property

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City of Blue Earth is taking legal action to cleanup an unkept residence that will cost more than $1,000.

City Attorney David Frundt gave City Council members the latest update during their Nov. 21 meeting.

City Administrator Mary Kennedy says Frundt provided two quotes for services and there is still one that is pending.

The cost would include the hiring of services of the removal of approximately 40 feet of fence, a towing company for the removal of two vehicles and one camper, and a 10-yard dumpster for the debris,” says Kennedy.

At the request of council members, Frundt sent a letter to Jose Ozuna Jr., owner of the property who lives in Onalaska, Texas.

City officials want to know if Ozuna would be interested in selling the house and lot located at 517 6th Street East for $1.

According to the property’s 2022 tax statement, the estimated building value is $23,600 plus estimated land value of $9,800 for a total of $33,400. And, the total tax assessment is $524.

The city paid a filing fee of $295 to have the case heard in Faribault County District Court, according to court documents.

A remote Zoom hearing has been scheduled on Dec. 27 before Judge Troy Timmerman.

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