Bago pool repairs estimated at more than $4M

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Winnebago’s swimming pool is more than 50 years old, so it is no surprise that it may need some repairs. But, to the tune of $4.7 million.

That was the dollar estimate of work outlined in a pool technical evaluation report presented by Duane Wepking of Burbach Aquatics at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

The city paid $7,000 to have the Platteville, WI-based company conduct a facility study of the pool built in 1969.

His report was like in a perfect world, if we had the money,” says Council member Jean Anderson.

Certain parts of the facility are still in good shape, says Wepking, including the bathhouse, some pieces of deck equipment, the main pool pump and piping system.

However, he says there are cracks in the vessel and on the deck, the pool’s skimmers are in poor condition and the diving board is too far back from the pool’s edge.

In addition, the portable pool stairs should be replaced, the electrical equipment is outdated and the entry into the wading pool do not meet American with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

“By doing the plan laid out in the estimate, you are extending the life of the facility another 50 years,” says Wepking.

Council members were caught off-guard and surprised by the multi-million dollar repair plan and wondered if there could be an alternative to extend the pool’s life five to 10 years.

Mayor Scott Robertson asked Wepking if volunteer labor could be used to help keep the cost down.

We do work with municipalities to use whatever resources they have to get a project to go,” Wepking responded.

Public Works employee Ashley Bleess stressed the importance for the council to develop a five- or 10-year repair program.

If we keep doing nothing, it is going to fall apart. It’s not getting better,” says Bleess.

Council members decided to establish a pool committee and advertise on the city’s website for potential members to study possible improvements.

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