Authorities looking for homemade bombs

Local News

Local authorities are searching in Winnebago for homemade bomb devices after receiving two phone calls Saturday night.

In a press release issued by the Police Department, the Faribault County Sheriff’s Department and members of the Winnebago Fire Department have been combing the city on foot.

If you see them walking through yards, that is what they are looking for,” says Police Chief Eric Olson. “Two devices have been found in the last 12 hours.”

The two devices found were a small Coleman cylinder and butane-type torch canister with a fuse in them.

The devices were made of small propane canisters and had a wick coming out of the top of them for ignition,” says Olson.

Authorities are asking residents with security cameras to review footage that may be suspicious and recorded around 5 a.m. to 6 a.m.

We are asking the public to be vigilant of anyone suspicious and report them to law enforcement,” he says. “We are also asking that any found devices not be touched and to call 911 immediately.”

Anyone with information should contact the Police Department at (507) 893-3218.

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