Hearing set for head of non-profit organization

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The head of a non-profit organization and leader of a political party in Faribault County has struck a plea deal.

As a result, jury trials scheduled for Oct. 25 and Dec. 14 for Daniel Harold Woodring, 54, of Blue Earth will not have to be held.

In a hearing set for Monday, Oct. 2, Woodring will plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of violating a harassment restraining order.

According to court documents, Faribault County prosecutors will dismiss one felony count of stalking and another case of violating a harassment restraining order.

Under a plea agreement signed by Woodring last month, he will receive a stay of execution and will not serve jail time for one conviction.

He also will be given a stay of adjudication on the other guilty plea, meaning there will not be a conviction on his record and the charge will be dismissed if terms of probation are met.

For each misdemeanor conviction, Woodring faced a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Since 2010, Woodring has been the executive director of Interfaith Caregivers — Faith in Action in Faribault County. The organization provides volunteer-based support services to senior citizens, such as transportation, visits, respite care and educational program offerings.

Woodring also currently serves as chairman of the Faribault County DFL Party.

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