County attorney has yet to respond

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Waiting. Waiting. And, still waiting.

A month ago, county authorities asked the Faribault County Attorney’s Office for information about an employee mentioned in the assault investigation of a Blue Earth Area football player.

Chief Deputy Scott Adams says County Attorney Kathryn Karjala-Curtis has yet to turned over any transcripts.

“It may be a good idea for you to call her,” says Adams, when contacted by for an update.

On July 12, e-mailed Karjala-Curtis regrading the status of Adams’ request to have an official record. And, she has not responded.

Sheriff Mike Gormley says he’s been told that assistant County Attorney LaMar Piper has been out of the country and that may be the reason for the delay.

Piper handled the prosecution against four teens charged in the October 2017 beating of a football teammate during a house party in Winnebago.

The victim’s father says his son admitted in a written statement that he and a defendant charged in the assault went to the employee’s home to get alcohol.

The employee also is named in a court document filed in district court for a restitution hearing held for one of the co-defendants.

According court papers filed by Piper, the person was working in the Sheriff’s Department in November 2017 when the teens were arrested and charged.

The mother of a defendant texted her husband, says court document, that the employee warned a co-defendant’s mother that the cops were going to get a warrant for his cell phone.

A letter from the teen’s attorney to Piper dated June 22, 2018, says the boy and his parents went away for the weekend on Nov. 17, 2017. During that trip, he reportedly lost his cell phone.

Adams says if an investigation is conducted it will be to determine if the employee’s behavior was unlawful or violated any personnel policies.

Wrongdoing has not been tolerated since Gormley was elected in 2006.

At least three employees have been fired following investigations into alleged misconduct by outside agencies.

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