Case involving BLM sign still pending

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A man who ripped a Black Lives Matter (BLM) sign from a woman during Maple River’s homecoming football game last October is still awaiting his fate.

Two months ago, the Mapleton Police Department turned over results of an investigation to the Blue Earth County Attorney’s Office.

“A decision has not yet been finalized, but should be soon,” says Ryan Hansch, assistant county attorney.

Laura Marie Nusser was holding a BLM sign in the bleachers when a man, who reportedly was wearing Make America Great Again (MAGA) cap, ripped it out of her hands and tossed it to the ground.

Nusser, whose two sons were on the team at the time, says she sat in the student section with her sign because of an alleged incident earlier that day.

She says one of her sons, both who are biracial, reportedly told her a classmate made an off-color remark during a homecoming activity about him going to the back of the line to wait behind white students.

Nusser later identified the man as Kip Herrmann, who was allowed to stay and continue watching the game while she was told to leave at the request of school district administrators because of her “offensive language.”

Police Chief Benjamin Honsey says his department will receive a letter if prosecutors decide not to file any charges.

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