Board votes to discipline employee

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Blue Earth Area School Board will be taking disciplinary action against a School District employee.

However, BEA district officials are releasing little information.

At their Sept. 12 meeting, board members went into closed-session to discuss preliminary consideration of allegations or charges against a district employee.

After 90 minutes behind closed doors, the board unanimously passed a resolution, “proposing appropriate action toward an employee.”

 “I cannot address what the disciplinary action will be at this time, nor can I say what the allegations are,” says Superintendent Mandy Fletcher.

Under state’s Data Practices Act, School Board members would have to make

public final disposition of any disciplinary action.

“Specific reasons for the action or any documenting data, except where data

would identify confidential sources, are also considered public,” the law says.

Examples of disciplinary action include verbal warning, written reprimand,

suspension and termination.

According to the resolution, a written notice will be sent to the employee

regarding, “the proposed action as provided by law.”

Fletcher says the data collected on the employee is considered private under

state law and cannot be made public.

“There was an internal investigation conducted by administration, so no

related expense was incurred with it,” she says.

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