Authorities investigating trashing of tires

Local News

Someone has been trashing county road ditches with old tires.

The topic came up briefly during discussion of Winnebago’s annual Clean-Up Day at the City Council meeting held Tuesday night.

“We received a law enforcement memo to try and catch who’s doing this,” Police Chief Eric Olson told council members.

Olson was responding to Councilman Rick Johnson’s comment that he heard 110 tires were recently cleared from ditches west of Amboy in Blue Earth County.

Faribault County Chief Deputy Scott Adams tells his department received a memo alert regarding the problem three weeks ago.

Adams says more than 160 tires were dumped in the northeast corner of the county and Waseca and Blue Earth authorities have reported incidences.

“Investigators from all three counties are working together on this issue,” he says. “There is a suspect that they are investigating currently.”

According to Adams, the county used Sentence-To-Serve crews to pick up the tires and each county will be reimbursed for their cost of removal.

The person who is charged will face fines in addition to paying $3 to $5 per car tire and $10 for a truck tire.

While the city has no problem with used tires being discarded improperly, there will be a drop-off collection site on Clean-Up Day scheduled 3-6 p.m. on May 28. Last year, one dump truck load of tires was collected.

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