Police chief gets good review, pay hike

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Winnebago’s police chief this month celebrated seven years with the department and also received a favorable annual job review.

City Administrator Jake Skluzacek informed City Council members during their May meeting that Eric Olson’s performance is, “Satisfactory or above and I recommend he receive a 3 percent pay increase.”

The council voted unanimously to up Olson’s hourly rate of pay to $33.14.

Skluzacek’s summary fails to meet the evaluation standard recommended by the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC).

“The summary should provide enough information for the public to get the best possible sense of the performance of the employee,” according to a LMC memo.

There was no mention who conducted Olson’s performance evaluation or what criteria was used.

Most job reviews usually involve rating an employee in several areas on a 1 to 10 point scale. Also, the employee’s strengths and weaknesses are discussed with goals being set to make improvements.

Although details of the review were skimpy, Council member Jean Anderson expressed her appreciation for Olson’s service.

“We are very lucky to have you, especially during these trying times,” she says.

In 2019, the city may have been looking for a new police chief as Olson was one of four finalists interviewed in March for the top post of the Morris Police Department.

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