Elmore liquor store operating in the black

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Teamwork and aggressive marketing efforts has saved Elmore Municipal Liquor Store, for now.

In December 2022, the state auditor’s office released the 2021 Municipal Liquor Store Report. And, it wasn’t good news as Elmore’s liquor store recorded a net loss of $4,924.

Because it was the second loss in the past three years, state law required a public hearing be held to discuss the store’s future.

Mandy Emmers, who was hired as city clerk/liquor store manager last December, had more than just the day-to-day operations to deal with.

A hearing was held in January 2023 and council members passed a resolution to keep the liquor store open with a review scheduled in six months.

At their meeting Monday night, City Council members voted to keep the liquor store operating after a report showed a year-to-date net profit of $6,546.

The staff has done a fantastic job,” says Mayor Clara Vereide. “They have done a number of things to turn it around.”

An increased presence on the city’s social media website, says Vereide, has helped attract customers and increase sales.

New products were added and a loyalty card was started to give a 10 percent off your next purchase after so many visits,” she says.

Hours also were expanded into the evening, she says, to allow people who worked out of town time to stop.

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