Vacancies continue to cost county money

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Faribault County continues to need the services of a Mankato firm that could cost as much as $225 an hour.

During a recent radio interview this month, Commissioner Greg Young says the County Board extended the contract of Abdo Solutions because of two vacancies in the auditor/treasurer’s office.

County Coordinator Brian Hov says the services of Abdo are not cheap and the county will be billed only for the hours worked and coverage provided.

β€œPrior to the recent separations, we were looking forward to being self-sufficient and fully staffed in that office,” says Hov. β€œThe arrangement with Abdo is to address specific tasks that the office requires to serve the public effectively.”

Last December, the five-member County Board were introduced two new employees in the auditor’s office that included Athena Thompson as senior treasurer clerk and Kendall Olson as tax accounting clerk.

This month, ads seeking applications for a senior treasurer clerk and a tax clerk in the treasurer’s office have appeared in a local publication.

Hov says Olson is still working in the auditor’s office and there may have been some confusion on which tax clerk position was vacant. He says the position in the treasurer’s office has remained unfilled for more than five years.

Abdo’s hourly cost is tiered depending on the needs of the office. Hov says most likely the hourly rate would be a senior associate of $205 to $225 or an accounting specialist of $170 to $185.

Last July, commissioners approved paying Abdo a maximum of $175,000 through the end of October for accounting services until three vacancies were filled. The cost could be as much as $200,000 if there was difficulty in filling the positions.

Last October, the board also approved paying Abdo $9,000 while the search for a human resources manager continued.

Commissioners announced the hiring of an HR manager in November, however, the position has been advertised as being open in a local publication this month.

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