Board accepts Hanson’s resignation

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Faribault County commissioners today accepted the resignation of David Hanson, an officer and head of the Veterans Services Office (VSO).

Hanson was employed with the county for 24 years, working in the Public Works Department before joining the VSO in 2010.

In July, County Attorney Troy Timmerman confirmed that a complaint had been filed against Hanson and that an investigation was being conducted.

“We hired an outside service and did not borrow another agency to do the investigation, but it was never completed,” Timmerman says. “I don’t have a report, exactly.”

The county attorney says commissioners also approved a separation agreement with Hanson.

Timmerman reportedly made copies of the agreement for the commissioners to view before voting and collected them afterward.

“We thank Mr. Hanson for his years of service to the county and to our country,” he says.

While details of the agreement are public information, Timmerman is requiring a data request be made in writing before being released.

County officials will be moving forward, says Timmerman, with filling the vacancy immediately.

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