Event center owner does not have liquor permit

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The owner of Carlson Event Center in Winnebago apparently has no license to allow alcoholic beverages for dances or parties held at the former school building.

City Administrator Jake Skluzacek says Garth Carlson has not taken the proper steps to obtain a Consumption and Display Permit.

Nothing that has been approved by the city,” says Skluzacek. “A Consumption and Display Permit would need to be applied for at the city and granted by the state.”

Darren Esser, Faribault County auditor/treasurer/coordinator, says the County Board also has not issued a permit to Carlson.

As far as I know, the County Board has no liquor license jurisdiction inside city limits,” says Esser.

The fee for the annual permit would be $250 or the city could issue one-day permits for $25 each but not more than 10 permits in one year.

In a flier promoting a New Year’s Eve party, Carlson Event Center indicates it will be hosting a “big new year’s dance,” urging attendees to bring their own beer and liquor.

Faribault County Judge Troy Timmerman issued a restraining order prohibiting the event center from holding the party after the Attorney General’s Office filed a lawsuit for violating a pandemic executive order.

Days before the Nov. 3 general election, a social media posting advertised an election day party and asked attendees to “b.y.o.b.”

When asked if his department knew of two other dances held prior to the planned New Year’s Eve party, Police Chief Eric Olson responded, “No comment.”

Olson says Winnebago police did assist the Attorney General’s Office with the service of a civil temporary restraining order upon the owner of Carlson Event Center to cancel the party.

Carlson’s first court appearance is scheduled this Friday before Judge Troy Timmerman.

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