Winnebago pastor faces sex charges

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An unlicensed Winnebago pastor has been charged with inappropriately touching a member of his church in Fairmont.

Miguel Vazquez Alduzin, 48, has been charged with fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, which is a felony and carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.

He also faces a fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, a gross misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $3,000 fine.

A woman contacted a police officer on June 7 to report that Vazquez Alduzin molested her last January, says a court complaint.

When asked why she waited so long to report the incident, the woman said it was partially because she wanted to be healed.

She says that Vazquez also puts people in fear that they will be sent back to Mexico or arrested.

The woman says she has known Vazquez Alduzin for three years and has been discussing some health issues with him.

According to the complaint, the victim told the officer she put her faith in Vazquez — although he does not have a license — because she has witnessed him perform miracles.

After attending a church service in January, the woman asked Vazquez if he would pray for a cyst on her left breast to heal.

Vazquez allegedly took the woman into a nursery room where her grandson was and told him to leave.

“When people fast, God does big things for them,” he told the woman.

Vazquez reportedly told the woman he fasted and God made his penis larger and fasting also benefited his wife’s anatomy.

While praying, Vazquez Alduzin allegedly felt the woman’s breast under her clothing. Court documents say she left the room and told his wife what had happened, but was assured she would be healed.

Vazquez told the woman she would not be healed, says the complaint, if she told anyone what happened, including her husband.

The victim also alleges Vazquez put his hands down her pants during a visit in Winnebago, however, no charges have been filed for that incident.

Former members of the church were interviewed and some said Vazquez asked why he couldn’t touch members when a doctor can with their patients. One former church member also accused him of inappropriately touching her chest.

Vazquez is scheduled to have a bail hearing Tuesday in Martin County District Court before Judge Michael Trushenski.

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