Keeping an eye on speeding, passing motorists

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For some residents, getting motorists to slow down on three major streets leading into Winnebago is a concern.

How about the motorist who unseemly comes out of nowhere and passes you on Main Street?

Police Chief Eric Olson says the business district, from Hodges Insurance to Muir Library, is considered a four-lane roadway.

He says from Hodges Insurance to the city limits going south is a two-lane road as well as from the library traveling north out of the city.

We do make traffic stops and speak with drivers when passing in the two-lane section,” he says. “We do also occasionally catch people that go straight in the turn only lanes. You can pass on the right when it is safe to do so.”

Most of the violators driving on the shoulder, says Olson, think it’s a four-lane and are either drivers who are elderly or not from the area.

We used to have issues with it but it has gotten a lot better,” he says. “We do occasionally have issues, however, it has been pretty good lately.”

At a recent City Council meeting, Kayla Frank on resident on First Avenue Northwest told council members that some motorists are ignoring the 30 mph speed limit.

It’s just a matter of time that someone is going to hit a kid,” says Frank.

Because the department has gotten some complaints, he says, an officer in a squad car is parked in the area at times to observe traffic.

Jacob (Pettit) and I have been trying to get out there and do traffic stops, especially when school (Genesis Academy) is letting out for the day,” he says.

The police department has placed flashing speed monitors on First Avenue Northwest, Highway 109 (Sixth Avenue Southeast) and at both entrances into town on Highway 169.

Olson says the speed sign at Fourth Street on First Avenue Northwest does slow motorists down until they get to Sixth Street.

We probably get more speeders traveling east than we do west,” he says. “I would add that we do get speeders but the issue is not out of control and the majority of drivers are obeying the laws.”

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