Head of non-profit organization faces charge

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The head of a local non-profit organization that helps seniors with non-medical needs and leader of a political party is in legal trouble.

Daniel Harold Woodring, executive director of Interfaith Caregivers – Faith in Action in Faribault County, has been charged with violating a harassment; restraining order.

Woodring, 54, of Blue Earth was scheduled to have a Zoom pre-trial hearing on March 13 in Faribault County District Court, but it was canceled. Instead, an evidentiary hearing has been set for April 19.

Last month, he pleaded innocent to the charge which is considered to be a misdemeanor and carries a maximum penalty sentence of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

In May 2010, Woodring was hired at Interfaith Caregivers, an organization that provides volunteer-based support services to senior citizens, such as transportation, visits, respite care and educational program offerings.

Woodring also currently serves as chairman of the Faribault County DFL Party.

According to its 2020 tax return, Interfaith’s total revenue was $261,808 and expenses were $226,337. The organization received slightly more than 83 percent of its funding from public support.

From 2016 through 2020, contributions and grants totaled $899,413 plus other income of $178,850 for a total of $1.078 million.

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