Former employee sues Zierke Built

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A former employee of Zierke Built Manufacturing, Inc. has waited long enough and wants to get paid.

Leroy John Larson has filed a civil lawsuit seeking wages and sales commissions earned in 2017.

Although the company moved its operations from Winnebago to Fairmont last year, a judge has determined the case should be heard in Faribault County.

According to court documents, Larson began working as a sales representative with Zierke Built in May 2008.

Larson, who was earning an annual salary of $73,500 plus commissions, submitted his resignation last February.

Court papers say that Larson last year made a verbal demand that he be paid some wages and commissions earned in 2017.

Kyle Zierke, the company’s vice president, reportedly told Larson last January that he was working on finalizing calculations for the commissions.

Larson was never paid and in April submitted a written demand for all back wages and commissions.

In his suit, Larson is seeking judgment for an amount in excess of $50,000, attorney fees, expenses and “any other and future relief the court deems equitable and appropriate.”

The next hearing in the case is a scheduling conference that will be conducted by telephone on Dec. 4.

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