Former Winnebago mayor has court hearing

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The former mayor of Winnebago charged with unlawful cultivation of cannabis plants was in court on Friday.

Scott Robertson, 67, appeared before Judge Troy Timmerman during an initial appearance Rule 8 in Faribault County District Court.

According to court documents, Robertson has hired Twin Cities attorney David Risk of the Halberg Criminal Defense law firm.

During a Rule 8 hearing, the court informs the defendant of the charges and their rights; ensures they have a copy of the complaint; may continue or modify bail conditions; and offer an opportunity to enter a guilty plea.

Robertson did not enter a plea and Risk requested an omnibus hearing, which has been scheduled on April 29 by remote Zoom.

During the omnibus hearing, motions will be heard relating to probable cause; evidentiary issues; discovery; constitutional and procedural issues.

Risk also has filed two civil suits seeking return of property seized from two greenhouses and Main Street property owned by Robertson.

The suits contend that the contents taken when search warrants were executed were unlawfully taken and not subject to forfeiture under state law.

Robertson and his son Jacob, 46, each were charged Feb 9 with two first-degree counts of unlawfully cultivating more than 23 cannabis plants; first-degree charges of aiding and abetting and conspiracy of unlawfully cultivating more than 23 plants.

According to a court complaint, authorities on Feb. 8 found approximately 240 plants at two properties owned by the Robertsons.

State law allows up to eight plants to be grown legally at home as long as no more than four are flowering.

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