Stickers are vandalism or free speech?

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Public opinion can be found on social media platforms and other forms of conventional mediums.

But, at a gas pump while trying to fill up your vehicle?

You’ve probably noticed an “I did that!” sticker showing President Joe Biden pointing his finger at the high price of gas.

As the cost of fuel continues to skyrocket, the stickers have been popping up more and more across the country. attempted to contact Bert Howard, manager of Casey’s in Winnebago, to find out the company’s policy regarding the stickers or if employees are required to remove them.

Howard did not respond to an e-mail for comment, nor did officials at the company’s headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa.

Posting the stickers may seem to be a funny political statement for some people, however, it is a form of vandalism and technically considered criminal mischief.

Although it is highly unlikely charges would be filed because the damage caused is so minor, the sticker may be hard for an employee to remove.

The issue remains: Are the stickers defacing private property or protected political speech?

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