If there are no guidelines, use common sense?

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Faribault County employees have rules of conduct and code of ethics spelled out for them to follow.

What about persons who have been voted into office, like those serving on the County Board?

County Attorney Cameron Davis says policies outlined in the employee handbook were first approved in 2015 and have been revised.

But, β€œThe policies do not apply to elected officials,” he says.

Actions by two commissioners suggests that the five-member board have not adopted a code of ethics or rules of conduct for themselves.

If they have, they aren’t abiding by them.

At a board meeting this year, Commissioner Greg Young wore a cap with Leo 2.0 printed above the brim.

Leo 2.0 is a political statement referring to attorney Leo Terrell’s renouncement of liberalism to come out in support of Donald Trump.

Persons seeking a local office usually do so without declaring a political party affiliation and they continue to remain non-partisan while serving.

Public officials also have the ethical responsibility to avoid situations involving a conflict of interest or nepotism.

A conflict of interest may occur, β€œ When an individual’s personal interests —- family, friendships, financial, or social factors —- could compromise their judgment, decisions or actions in the workplace.”

When it came time to filling a vacancy on the county EDA board, according to minutes of the Dec. 8, 2022, meeting, District 1 Commissioner John Roper nominated his son.

Roper’s motion was unanimously approved and his son started serving a six-year term for District 1 this year.

The county provides tax dollars to fund Community Economic Development Associates (CEDA) economic development specialists who work closely with the EDA board.

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